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Popping Battle

Preserving and Cultivating the Traditions of Boogaloo/Popping through the research and education of communities past, present, and future.

Est. 2012


The Book Of Styles Challenge 

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The Digital Book of Styles Randomizer chooses what style dancers will do before the beginning of each round. The challenge continually evolves as the rounds progress going from 1 style, to 2 styles combined, and eventually all the way to the fusion of 3 styles. With this format, dancers are challenged to go deep into one perspective but still have to be adaptable enough to mix them together in new and creative ways.



  1. Top 16: 1 Style

  2. Top 8: 2 Styles

  3. Top 4: 3 Styles

  4. Finals: Dancers Choices & Freestyle



The Book of Styles honors, respects, and centers equally the multiple perspectives, traditions, and cultures that developed out of the Boogaloo Movement & Dance from Oakland in the 1960’s. As Boogaloo spread to the surrounding cities, it evolved, and was re-imagined based on the culture and spirit of the people in each location. The names of these African American Traditional Dance Forms are Boogaloo, Struttin, Robottin, Popping, Pop Locking, Bopping, Electric Boogie, Smurf Dance, Body Popping, etc

Popping Battle


The Book of Styles is a concept that helps people develop over time. It creates an environment that allows dancers to find where their strengths lie within the Traditional Dance Forms, yet at the same time encourages them to celebrate the full scope of the various cultures and wide variety of Traditional Movements. The Book of Styles is a constant reminder that the balance of tradition and contribution is not only possible, but a beautiful standard for us as artists to uphold. Book of Styles Poppers respect the traditions that came before them yet still respect themselves enough to celebrate their own lived experiences, cultures, & identity. This is how we add our own contributions and newest chapter to the book responsibly.

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the Book of styles 2023 Recap

the Book of styles dc
Final battle 2023 

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