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Funk in Focus

Funk in Focus is a program designed and dedicated to the balance of tradition & contribution through the education, preservation, & active participation of Funk based traditional African American artforms. The music focus is funk and the dance disciplines are Boogaloo, Robottin, Struttin, Popping, & Locking. For us, recognizing each communities and individuals contribution as an important piece to the story is how we keep truth and respect at the forefront. Although we do honor everyone’s story, our direct legacy and family is what has truly inspired and motivated us to become the highest versions of ourselves today. Through the skillsets acquired at Urban Artistry, Funk in Focus has only grown to continue the mission and become a beacon of light & role model for poppers and dancers all across the globe.

FIF Online

“Funk in Focus Online” is an online education & resource center dedicated to the previously stated mission. This is a subscription based website that will allow members access to Tutorials, Group Workshops, Music Playlists, Educational Podcasts, & the FIF Footage Libraries. Our goal is to create the best educational experience that one can possibly gain through online resources. We also believe in empowering our students through understanding how to respectfully learn cultural artforms, yet at the same time celebrating the tradition of being themselves in that process. The online programs are dedicated to bringing education from the generations that paved the way in the past, as well as from styles of dance that are influencing and molding what Popping is today. Our site members will become apart of the “Funk in Focus Online” Community and not only have access to our educational resources, but will also be actively engaged throughout the month with video challenges, battles, research projects, & more.


“When my brother and I were little we used to create and go on adventures together. From WWF re-enactments that drove our parents crazy to our forts that we used as war battle posts. It was our place of freedom, imagination,  joy, & being ourselves. 


I feel what's beautiful about teaching is once again finding that inner child. The moment when a student finds that spark of excitement, inspiration & feels their own super powers is a beautiful thing. For them to find liberation, new thoughts/movement, & to continue transforming into an elevated version of who they already are is what I strive to accomplish as an educator.“

Funk in Focus Legacy

The Funk in Focus Legacy is our direct dance family and Funk Lineage in Movement, Culture, & Philosophies. This special group includes but is not limited to mentors, teachers, & influences such as Junious Brickhouse, Damon Frost, Thomas Herodt, Steen Koerner, Anthony Edwards, Lock Smith, Poptart, Disco Dave, Jazzy J, Rashaad Hasani, & more. One of our priorities as educators here in Funk in Focus is to find ways to connect you to the sources that have so heavily influenced us. This reciprocity and idea of always looking back is our way of keeping legacy and history alive as well as showing this culture is bigger than the individual.

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